The solution for
digital ship inspection

A complex system needs a complex solution

Detect technical problems

Because technical problems on ships are not detected in time, commercial shipping and ferry companies suffer considerable losses annually due to their ship failures. Technical failure and human error also have a negative impact on the environment. Our approach is that a complex system requires constant action.

Early warning system for shortcomings and deficiencies

As a young, innovative company, we have specialised in extensive data collection in the maritime sector. With NautiTronix we offer the optimal conditions for technology to function permanently. The solution for digital ship inspection monitors all operationally relevant parameters of a vessel and draws attention to deficiencies flaws and deficiencies by means of an early warning system.

All values available at any time

With the specially designed industrial PC, which can be retrofitted to diesel and electric ships at any time, extensive data acquisition takes place directly on the ship. Using a software platform, the collected values – processed, evaluated and available at any time – are transferred to a central server at the end customer’s premises.

Quality & planning reliability

With this knowledge advantage, workflows can be optimized immediately, sources of error avoided and preventive measures initiated in good time. The complex hardware-software solution is fundamental for smooth operation, contributes significantly to quality improvement and ensures long-term planning security.

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measured values per ship

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Product description

The founders

The combination of hardware and software technology offers shipping companies the optimal technical conditions to remain competitive in the long term.
With software expertise and know-how in electrical engineering, they are the creators of NautiTronix – the solution for digital ship inspection.

Robert Garbe (CTO)
Pragmatic problem solver for NautiTronix hardware

Hartmann Schleifer (CEO)
Strategic lateral thinker of the NautiTronix software

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