NautiTronix pro

Product description

Digital ship inspection as a complete solution - act instead of react

Ship technology does not have to fail before it can be repaired. “NautiTronix pro” is the intelligent predictive maintenance system from NautiTronix. Consisting of specially designed hardware and software, technical faults are pointed out before they occur. This is how you can act instead of reacting.
Through continuous access to selected operationally relevant parameters such as battery level, temperatures or ship position, the condition data of diesel and electric ships are permanently collected and autonomously adjusted within defined threshold values by means of an early warning system. NautiTronix makes it possible to maintain ships with foresight and to conserve resources.

How powerful hardware and complex software work together

In the first instance, the data is recorded directly on the ship with an industrial PC specially developed for this purpose and adapted to shipping. This can be retrofitted to electric and diesel ships at any time, measures about 11cm x 12cm x 4.5cm and supports sensor groups such as charger, solar controller, batteries, navigation, rudder propeller, tank capacity and bow thruster.
In the second instance, the data is processed and evaluated using a software platform to a central server installed at the customer’s site. Data can be transmitted every minute – or even more frequently – via LTE connections to the customer’s central software platform. Regardless of the transmission time, measured values of all components are recorded every 5 seconds, detailed position data is transmitted to the server and finally imported into the central database. The early warning system of the active ship inspection is also part of this platform, which automatically identifies possible sources of error and deviations. In the case of calculated problem cases, a notification is sent automatically.

More safety, greater transparency and new perspectives

With the internal web interface for the shipping company, users can check the current system status and analyze historical data. Information on the fleet, direction, position, speed of the ship and other measured values can be prepared as information for the passenger on on-board monitors or also on the website.